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Why Counselling?

Counselling is a partnership where we stand together and look at where we have come from, where we currently are and where we want to be. We walk together through the tough stuff of life and into the mystery and possibility of tomorrow. We work together to create new possibilities from old experiences.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny...”


“Your way of thinking develops your perspective and your perspetive becomes your reality.”

Meet our Counsellors

Rick Berghauser, BA Psych, MEd Counselling Psych, CCC

I began my career in counselling in 1993 when I entered the helping field working as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor in a residential foster care community. Since this early experience I have worked with biological parents and their families, foster and adoptive parents and their families as well as individual children, youth and adults.

My goal is to help individuals, families and working groups to see how their way of viewing their world affects themselves and those around them. By gaining a new and clear perspective of our current and past situations, we are better equipped to move forward with purpose and direction.

I use cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology,  Attachment Theory and John Gottman’s work  in my approach to counselling and work from a Christian worldview. I understand that counselling can be intimidating and may seem quite uncomfortable for some. Many individuals would like to participate in counselling but feel afraid of the unknown. The idea of entering an office with a stranger and opening up about personal experiences, feelings, fears and beliefs can be intimidating and can keep some from experiencing the many benefits a therapeutic coaching experience can bring. However, I encourage you to call and see how this could be a life changing experience for you.

Rick Berghauser recieved his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Trinity Western University and then went on to complete a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria.  Rick is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.
For over twenty years Rick has been working with individuals, families, organizations and working groups in a number of different settings and environments.  Rick has worked as a Child and Youth Mental Health Therapist for the BC Government as well as for non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses. Rick now owns a full-time private therapy and coaching practice specializing in leadership skills, goal setting, balancing anxiety and courage, reducing depression and increasing joy, shifting negative expectations and perspectives and learning to understand and accept life transitions.
Arnold Mulder - Berghauser Associates - Powell River

Arnold Mulder, MTS-C, CCC

We all struggle. This is a natural, albeit uncomfortable and often unwanted, part of life. Yet, I believe there is hope in the midst, and sometimes despite, the challenges we face. I also believe that everyone has a story. This story involves past experiences and future hopes, but sometimes the hopes that lay ahead are compromised by the stress, anxiety, depression, or frustration of the present. For those willing to be vulnerable and do the work, counselling offers an opportunity to untangle some of the intricacies of one’s life, creating room to change old patterns, make new choices, and have new lived experiences.
I have been working in the field of counselling for almost three decades. I have experience as a counsellor in community, government, and private settings and I have worked with individuals, couples and families. I have spent those years developing insights and strategies aimed at dealing with various mental health and interpersonal challenges.
I generally subscribe to a family systems perspective as my primary theoretical framework, though I am versed in a variety of perspectives and therapeutic modalities. Also, I find important the healthy integration of emotion and reason. One of my aims is to make the counselling experience positive and supportive in order to help you write a better story.

Arnold Mulder received his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Trinity Western University and then went on to complete a Masters of Theological Studies in Counselling from ACTS Seminary. Arnold is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.
Arnold Mulder - Berghauser Associates - Powell River

Katie Glaze, BA Child and Youth Care, MA Counselling Psychology

I have over six years of experience working as a Child Protection Social Worker for the Ministry of Children and Family Development. I am experienced at working collaboratively with individuals who have challenges with problematic substance use; mental health issues; and social, economic, and cultural barriers. I am passionate about forming collaborative relationships with my clients by taking a non-judgemental, person-centered approach. One of my primary strengths includes my ability to develop strong, positive alliances with children and youth.
As a counsellor, it is my goal to come alongside individuals who are experiencing a variety of interpersonal challenges, and to collaboratively develop strategies to meet their unique goals. My therapeutic framework is based in cognitive behavioural therapy, which is a structured, goal-focused form of therapy which helps people learn to identify, question, and change maladaptive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that contribute to their difficulties.

Katie Glaze received her Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, with Distinction, from Vancouver Island University in 2014; then completed a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University in 2022.


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Couples Counselling Powell River


$150 / Per Session

Berghauser Counselling - Powell River


$150 / Per Session

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